Senior Management Team

Sherrie J. Christensen

In addition to having founded Good Neighbor, Sherrie is the President/Administrator. She has an extensive background in home care management, and her personal experience in caring for her father at home has been invaluable and helped her establish the company’s philosophies and culture. Sherrie provides the company with strong leadership and the vision to guarantee the company's success. She instills in her caregivers the need for customer relationships that exhibit quality personal care, concern and trust while encouraging the support and the independence of the family in its care-giving role.

Dale A. Christensen
Executive Vice President

Dale's experience includes a long history in home care management and home care operations. His expertise is in information systems and technology. Additionally, Dale's previous background in law enforcement has had an important impact on Good Neighbor by helping the staff understand and deal with all types of personalities and circumstances and to respect our differences while maintaining the dignity and character of our clients and employees.

Sara M. Sundberg
Chief Operations Manager

Sara has been with Good Neighbor since 2002. Before moving into the Chief Operations position in 2008, she worked in human resources. Sara’s Business Administration degree and work experience help guide the company to meet its financial and business goals.

Shannon L. Ramsdell, RN, BA
Director of Nursing
Shannon has been the company’s Director of Nursing since 1999. Prior to that, she served as a case manager for Good Neighbor for several years. Her extensive experience in nursing, home care and case management of home health clients gives Shannon the unique skills set to combine operational efficiency with the caring and concern that our clients and nursing staff require. She provides our company with strong leadership and the insight to promote growth and client satisfaction.

Shirley C. Braaten, RN
Human Resources Director

Shirley has been our Human Resources Director since 1993 and was previously one of our nurse managers. She came to Good Neighbor with several years experience in an acute care hospital setting and with 14 years experience in caring for the mentally or physically disabled. She uses her expertise in human resource management together with her empathetic nature in effectively managing our caregivers. Shirley also provides valuable support to our nursing staff with her great knowledge of the rules and regulations that pertain to home care.

Nurse Case Management Team

Michelle J. Johnson, RN
RN Case Manager

As an RN Case Manager since 1999, Michelle also manages our Assisted Living program located at the North Star Apartments in Brainerd. Prior to joining Good Neighbor, she worked in long term care. Her nursing experience and knowledge enable her to effectively care for her patients in a kind and thorough manner. Her sweet spirit and compassion allow her to communicate thoroughly with our patients, family members and the health care team.

Bonnie L. Hunter, RN
RN Case Manager

Prior to joining Good Neighbor as an RN Case Manager in 1999, Bonnie worked in long term and acute care. She is very devoted to her patients, always giving an extra high level of care to make sure their needs are met. She works very hard to involve the entire health care team to provide exceptional, holistic care to her patients and their family members.

Joyce M. Popkin, RN, BA
RN Case Manager

Joyce has been an RN Case Manager with Good Neighbor since 2000. Prior to joining us, Joyce had more than 20 years of nursing experience, including caring for medically fragile and vent dependent children, hospice and psychiatric patients of all ages. Joyce's patience, sense of spirituality and gentle nature enable her to empathize and relate with her patients and their families while providing quality care. She provides a wealth of knowledge that is very valuable to our team of nurses.

Barbara J. Smude, RN
RN Case Manager

Barb became a Case Manager for Good Neighbor in 2006 after serving as a private duty nurse with us and working with medically fragile children. Before joining us, Barb's experience included home health care and long-term care nursing. Barb is a very compassionate nurse and brings great enthusiasm to the Good Neighbor team.

Sandy L. Edelbrock, RN
RN Case Manager

Sandy has more than 25 years of nursing experience and has been an RN Case Manager with Good Neighbor since 2003. She has worked in clinic and hospital settings, and has experience in caring for pediatric, orthopedic and chemical dependent patients. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her patients receive the quality care they expect and deserve. Sandy plays an active role in advocating for her patients, which serves as a great asset to our health care team.

Elizabeth J. Johnson, RN
RN Case Manager

Betsy has been an RN Case Manager with Good Neighbor since 1995. Prior to joining us, Betsy had more than 25 years of nursing experience. Her background includes intensive care, medical/surgical nursing, long term care, management and clinic nursing. She worked many years side by side with numerous local physicians and gained valuable knowledge that is a wonderful resource to our team of nurses.

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