Our Physical and Occupational Therapists are highly skilled and experienced in providing treatments that help patients recover from injuries or illnesses and return them to their ordinary personal and work lives. That may require patients to adapt their lifestyles or use assistive devices, but our staff helps them successfully make that transition.

Physical Therapy
Disease, injury and pathological processes can result in physical disabilities, impairments or limitations that require treatment. Our Physical Therapists are trained and knowledgeable in evaluating, diagnosing and treating patients with these conditions. And their ultimate goal is to restore the patient to maximal functional independence and restore them to their previous lifestyle.

Occupational Therapy   
Occupational therapy is different from physical therapy in that it helps people achieve independence by developing the “skills for the job of living.” An example is an adult who may need to learn how to write again after a traumatic injury, or a senior who may want to continue driving safely in order to stay active in the community. Our Occupational Therapists work with patients to analyze the demands of an activity and then help them work toward optimizing their skills in that area.

It’s Your Choice
When your loved one leaves the hospital or nursing home with ongoing physical or occupational therapy needs, you can decide who to hire for those services, even if the hospital or nursing home provides physical or occupational therapy or refers you to an agency that does. You have the right to choose the service that best meets your needs, and in the Brainerd Lakes Area, the choice is clear – Good Neighbor Home Health Care.


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